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Air view from Península in Punta del Este.

Air view from Península in Punta del Este.

Air view from Península in Punta del Este.
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Punta del Este

Located in the southeast end of the country, to the southeast of the department of Maldonado and to 7 km from the cardinal city (Maldonado).

His beaches split in Meek (of the side of the river) and Brave (of the side of the ocean). The name started to these beaches is due to the fact that the first one, on having given to the River Plate and having been protected from the winds and currents proceeding from the Atlantic Ocean, presents almost always his calmest waters, while the "Brave" beach, on having been already oceanic, possesses a quite impetuous swell.

It is the most paradisiac point of the Uruguayan coast. Located in a narrow peninsula Top of the East separates the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean and those of the River Plate.

It is known internationally like one of the principal spas of South America.
White sand, blue waters, dunes, islands, lagoons, saws and forests conjugate with a varied and luxurious architecture providing a perfect balance and doing that there coexist all the forms and tastes of vacacionar and of living.

With a permanent population of approximately 7.500 inhabitants and more than 700.000 visitors per year it is a spa of international reputation and it turns out to be reflected in the quality of his tourist information.

It possesses a big offer of accommodation that comprises hotel trade and leases of real estate. Infinity of restaurants of national and international kitchen they compete in quality, originality and good taste. Highways and avenues; an international airport, an attractive port of yachts; shopping centers and a big variety of movies, theaters, casinos, sports, musical spectacles and holidays of international level do that Top of the East is a place of big prestige.

The perfect union between his architecture, his sea and his forests; the proximity of beautiful areas of varied contrasts, as well as also the positive attitude of the people, both native and foreign, they grant him to the spa his free and friendly personality.


There were indigenous whereabouts, then a fishermen's people. His first name was "a Town Ituzaingó", but in 1907 it requested itself the change of name and happened to be called definitely a Top of the East.

This Town was founded in the year 1829 by Don Francisco Aguilar, being the first one in exploiting the resources of the area, developing several industries principally the saladeros.

Francisco Aguilar established himself in Maldonado in 1811, bought grounds and with few colonists he devoted himself to the agriculture (the principal plantations that him belonged were those of tobacco and popes) to the baby of silkworms and to the manufacture of tiles, being in Top of the East where he installed her firstly factory to himself.
The whales plenty on our coasts those years was so big, that during the Presidency of General Fructuoso Rivera granted to Aguilar the exclusive right to catch and to slaughter these animals for 10 years in the Port of Maldonado and coasts of the State. It had also the authorization to slaughter the marine wolves of Isla de Lobos and of the Department of Rocha.

Francisco Aguilar in his Mayor's Maldonado function took part in the achievement of public works like schools, jails and churches, for being the maximum authority of the Department in that epoch, the citizens of the same one (called fernandinos) swore before him the Constitution of 1830. He died in 1840 to 64 years exercising the Senator's charge, stopping to Top of the East in march towards what it is at present.

On June 13, 1843 one sold the peninsula to the brothers Samuel and Alejandro Lafone, who bought it in 4.500 weight, as well as also the Island Gorriti, which cost 1.500 weight. As Aguilar, the Lafone exploited the saladeros.

The vehicles that they were joining to Top of the East with the city of Maldonado those years were the wagons, which were going along along the sand and had to cross enormous dunes.
Top of the East was a big sand desert, for it the first animals brought by Aguilar to work were dromedaries since with another class of animals it was impossible to realize the daily tasks.

There owes to Enrique Burnet big part of the afforestation that it possesses, since he was he, who began the pines plantation in the peninsula, being able to contain the sand avalanche that was threatening to cover in that one then the small city.
In 1907 in Top of the East there existed a small population, the Hotel Risso, the Captaincy, Suárez's Detached house and 50 houses. In this year the first vacationers arrived on board of the steam "Swallow", it was a group of Argentine families and Montevideans invited by the Directory of the Society "Spa Top of the East".

The peninsula possesses a marine climate hard iodized, mixed with aromas of pines, the average temperature in the months of cold belongs to some 10th and in the most warmly months of an average of 25th.

What might be called big Top of the East is surrounded with a beach arch of approximately 40 kilometers, inside the above mentioned perimeter is the peninsula and his environment, includes the space of the meek and brave beaches and the residential area of the quarters Cantegril, Aidy Grill, San Rafael, Park of the Golf and Beverly Hills between others.

In the streets of the peninsula, between the constructions of several styles there is a big quantity and variety of restaurants, confectioneries, lounges of tea, pubs, nightclubs and a varied shopping center where there are the shops of the most important world marks, granting him all the tourist information of a big spa.

The practice of nautical sports is possible to develop it along the whole coastal stripe, existing excellent natural stages, as well as also an important scale of entertainments for the whole family.
It is provided with 122 hotels, 80 restaurants, an international airport and a port of yachts that can lodge 500 crafts. Approximately 8 kilometers to the Southeast of Top of the East is the Island of Wolves.

The city of Punta del Este , also call "Miami of the South" is recognized, between other things like the point of meeting of the jet set internationally.

Excellent, natural and sophisticated spa area, at present it is provided with a boulevard, sumptuous typical houses of spa, modern buildings of big height.

Punta del Este offers excellent beaches, historical places, museums of diverse types, restaurants with variety of specialties, multitude of sports, and gambling games between other things.

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